Aberdeen nightlife

When it comes to a night out in Scotland, most assume that Glasgow and Edinburgh are the places to be. And while the ‘big two’ might offer some cracking venues, there is no doubt that the Aberdeen nightlife has an unfairly small reputation.

Fierce Beer

If you are looking for a cracking night out when in Aberdeen, we highly recommend that you look to check out one of the following venues for a cracking wee evening. If you fancy trying out a new nightlife experience, then you should absolutely look to have a look at the following hotspots in Aberdeen nightlife.

The best Aberdeen nightlife venues

1.     Malones

Everyone enjoys a night out at an Irish pub, and Malones is one of the finer Irish pubs that you will find in Aberdeen. It’s a cracking haunt for anyone looking for a nice evening, and it arguably offers the best pint of Guinness that you are going to find within the city limits.

It’s a good choice for starting or ending an evening, with a cracking atmosphere and an affordable menu making it a good place to stop in for a nice drink of something properly Irish before heading off to try out something different instead.

2.     Fierce Beer

If you want a more classic Scottish pub experience, then be sure to come and check out the laid-back Fierce Beer. This has over 20 beers to choose from on-tap, so it’s a good choice for the connoisseur who wants to change it up a bit this week and try out something a bit different.t

Hey also have some cracking foods to choose from, including paninis, so be sure to try out something at Fierce Beer. You don’t want to go out on a night out in Aberdeen without some lining in your stomach, so get prepared accordingly!

3.     Krakatoa

With a wonderful name like this, you can see why Krakatoa is a popular part of the Aberdeen nightlife scene. Come and try it out yourself and you’ll quickly see why so many Aberdonians have made this their go-to since it opened up in the 1960s. The bar itself is a great place if you want to enjoy a safe and satisfying drink. It’s a ‘dive bar’ in some ways, but it’s got great security, a cracking atmosphere, and a great selection of drinks to pick from including cask ales and ciders. Definitely worth having a pint in!

4.     The Stag

If you want a traditionally Scottish pub experience, though, The Stag is a wonderful place to begin with. It’s loaded with cracking beers, cocktails, wines, and spirits that you should look to try out ASAP. With so many great choices to look at and pick from, you should have no problem at all in choosing from their awesome drinks’ menu.

Add on top of that a wonderful range of homecooked and classic meals and you can get nice and filled-up before you start getting tanked up. Definitely a good choice for anyone looking to enjoy a more wholesome night out.

The Stag
Dusk Bar

5.     Dusk Bar

The Dusk Bar is a cracking little cocktail bar that we highly recommend you go and check out whenever you have the time. It’s a great wee spot as it serves a whole range of classic cocktails alongside a few specialist developments that feel really different to what you might normally go for.

It’s a good choice for an ale, too, as they sell a range of different craft ales. If you want to learn a wee bit about cocktail making, too, they even offer mixology classes that you can take on for a bit of DIY cocktail development at home!

6.     Orchid

If you want a more grandiose Aberdeen nightlife experience, then make space for Orchid. It’s a fine cocktail part with a welcoming atmosphere, some very fancy glasses to choose from, and no shortage of opportunity for something a bit different. It’s got that picturesque atmosphere that makes it quite easy to love, and Orchid offers a very engaging and welcoming experience that should be great for party-goers and those who are just looking for something outside of the norm to start the night off.

A cracking place to begin an evening out in Aberdeen.

7.     Club Tropicana

If you want a proper night club vibe, though, then be sure to make space for Club Tropicana. It’s a tremendous venue that is great for anyone who wants to enjoy some 80s music. Head to the other half of the bar, Vogue, for some 90s fun and engagement. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for an evening out that involved a lot of throwback fun to the ‘good auld days’ of your youth.

Definitely a place to check out for anyone on the lookout for a more satisfying nightclub environment within the city centre area.

8.     ATIK

ATIK is the ideal spot for anyone on the lookout for some dance and R’n’B. it’s the perfect place for a more diverse experience, with three floors all dedicated to different types of music. This makes the whole thing a great little place to enjoy – you can even get VIP tables on the downstairs area so that you can feel like a player in town for the evening.

It’s good for a night out or just for a place where you can party, mingle, meet other people, and enjoy a whole range of interesting music you might not have heard properly for ages.

Club Tropicana

In Conclusion

Not sure what to look out for on a night out? Then one of the above Aberdeen nightlife hotspots is sure to tick the boxes for you. Whether your idea of a night out is a few pints with some snooker and some darts, or you want to go for the full all-hours dancing experience, something in the above list should be suited to you.

The Aberdeen nightlife is growing all the time with new opportunities, too, so keep your eyes open outside of the recommended list for even more Aberdeen nightlife spots worth visiting!

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