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As one of the best cities to stay in across Scotland, Aberdeen has many great places to begin each day. The number of Aberdeen hotels that you might wish to choose from, though, can be quite varied. To help you come up with a better staycation when visiting the Granite City, might we recommend you take a look at some of the following hotels in Aberdeen?

Sandman Signature Hotel1
Residence Inn by Marriott1

These provide you with a comfortable, reliable place to begin each day as you go through your journey across the northern part of Scotland. So, where are some of the top Aberdeen hotels?

The best hotels in Aberdeen

1.     Sandman Signature Hotel

The Sandman Signature Hotel in Aberdeen is a fine place to begin your journey. It’s based in a nice part of the city centre, making sure you can skip out to go and see the rest of the city without any real stress. It’s a fine choice, too, for anyone who is trying to find a place that offers them a fitness facility and a luxury spa to enjoy resting in.

With a shared lounge and a bar, too, this is a place that acts as your ideal HQ when spending time in the city.

2.     Residence Inn by Marriott

If you want to stay in a classic Marriott hotel, then you should take a look at the Residence Inn. It’s a good choice because it provides you with a 20-minute walk to the beach, meaning you can make the most of a warm summers day and head off down to the beach.

It’s a good place for those who are on business, too, with workspace, full kitchens, and free Wi-Fi that you can use for any purpose you have in mind. A great starting place, and comes with one of the best breakfasts you’ll find in Aberdeen hotels!

3.     Park Inn by Radisson

Another chain hotel, you should look into the Park inn by Radisson if you are on the lookout for something that comes with all of the typical amenities. Affordalbe and close to the city centre, this makes it easy for you to head off and get things done during the day before returning to a swanky, modern hotel.

The location is probably the primary reason to choose this hotel, though. The standards are high, the prices are fair, and you can easily get to where you need to go in Aberdeen without much fuss.

4.     Jurys Inn

The Jurys Inn is a good place to start for a city centre starting point. It’s based next to the Union Square shopping centre, making it a fine place to start off with when you just want to enjoy a nice start to your ay. It’s a 5-minute walk to the shops, so you can easily nip out and get anything you need from your hotel.

It’s not got a great deal in terms of actual hotel features, but the fact it is a quick stroll away from nightlife, activity, and commerce makes it an ideal hotel.

Park Inn by Radisson1
Jurys Inn1
The Coffee House
The Globe Inn1

5.     The Coffee House

If you are on the lookout for a fantastic little hotel that can offer something a bit different, be sure to look at The Coffee House. Based in the city centre, it’s just 1.5km from the beach and thus perfect for those who are here and want to enjoy some sun while they are here.

The location is ideal, while the facilities including their top quality food section makes this a very useful hotel in Aberdeen. Definitely a good choice given the price, and is rated as one of the best independent hotels in Aberdeen to rent.

6.     The Globe Inn

If you want a place that can act as your ideal HQ, choose The Globe Inn. This comes with a nice little walking distance, around 2.5km, from the Beach Ballroom. The ideal location is central to the wider city, while the beer garden and the bar make a great place to turn to when you want a place to enjoy some afternoon delights.

Definitely a place to check out for anyone who wants to have a nice place to relax in and retreat to when the evening comes to an end without missing out on a pre-bed dram.

7.     Atholl Hotel

Prefer to stay in a hotel with grandiose and charming architecture? Then be sure to check out the Atholl Hotel. This is one of the best Aberdeen hotels for grandeur, offering a top quality stay experience that is very much worth your time and effort visiting. It’s a good choice for sure because it makes it easier for you to enjoy an amazing view, with this gorgeous building offering distinctive views of the city overall.

If you want to enjoy a real example of Aberdonian architecture, then you would be wise to come and check out the Atholl Hotel as your ideal starting place.

8.     Dee Village

Staying in Central Aberdeen? Then be sure to look into Dee Village. They offer tremendous little apartments for rent that come with as whole host of modern features and facilities. A great choice for sure when you want to just enjoy an easier experience, ensuring you have no problems when it comes to finding apartments with luscious views, great greenery to rest in, and comfortable, spacious rooms that boast ideal privacy.

Out of all of the Aberdeen hotels, these apartment blocks offer the most autonomy and control over what you do on any given day.

Atholl Hotel
Dee Village

In conclusion

So, with so many great hotels to pick from, you might wish to start with one of the above. These hotels all come with a great reputation, a high standard of cleanliness, and a wonderful range of nearby activities. While finding your Aberdeen hotel can be a challenge, using any of the above would mark a pretty smart way to make things go faster.

So, why not take a look at one of the above hotels in Aberdeen for your next trip here? They can make every morning feel easier to start for sure.

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