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Aberdeen Harbour

As one of the most important towns for Scottish fishing, Aberdeen is home to some amazing seaports and sights around the sea. However, chief among the places to come and check out would be Aberdeen Harbour.


A trip to this awesome part of Scotland’s energy sector is a wonderful way for you to get to understand the city more. Not only is this a tremendous architectural feat, but it’s a location with a pretty wonderful history. For that reason, anyone who is coming up to Aberdeen might wish to make a trip to the harbour itself.

It’s a historical artifact of the city, and a key reason why you might wish to come along and see what all of the fuss is about.

What is Aberdeen Harbour?

The harbour at Aberdeen is, for many people, the beating heart and the key to the city’s economic growth over the years. While the North Sea and its massive oil reserves are a lifeblood for life in the city, Aberdeen Harbour has long been here as a key part of this process. Indeed, Aberdeen Harbour is one of the longest-established ports in all of the United Kingdom. Indeed, some historical evidence even suggests that this port was first used by the Romans for trading purposes.

According to the Guinness Book of Business Records, too, Aberdeen Harbour might be the oldest business in the country!

The harbour itself has become a major part of the local economy, acting as the primary stopping point for vessels. Indeed, figures suggest that around 6,500 vessels stop in at Aberdeen Harbour every single year. Around four million tonnes of cargo are handled, too, and around £1.5bn in transport value comes through the harbour during every single year.

Serving as one of the major economic hubs of the third largest city in the country, Aberdeen Harbour is a major part of the economic stimulus that makes Aberdeen the thriving place that it is. thanks to the harbour, there has been more opportunity for businesses to grow and thrive thanks to having such a massive port to work with.

It has a strong and diverse range of traffic, too, with various companies and businesses using the harbour. This is not an industry-specific harbour, with a huge swathe of companies in Aberdeen and across the Scottish Hinterlands relying on the harbour to get their goods and supplies to run their business.

As such, Aberdeen Harbour is one of the key economic hubs of Northern Scotland.

Where is Aberdeen Harbour?

Found at Torry Battery, Aberdeen Harbour should be extremely easy to find. It is to the far east of the city, moving out onto the North Sea. It really is one of the most important parts of the Aberdonian economy, playing a key role in the cities major businesses.

You should definitely look to take some time to come down and check it out. It’s a key part of Aberdeen’s culture.

The harbour itself is based near Torry Battery, and was a major defensive point during the Second World War. Thankfully, this was the last time that the position had to be fortified and defended from foreign attack. It was a major part of the era, though today the various battle stations are ancient monuments to a time that has long sice passed. Today, though, it provides a wonderful opportunity for people to see the various sealife that resides nearby, as well as to get a chance to tour around a sight where many a conflict has taken place over the centuries.


Things to do at Aberdeen Harbour

There are various ways to spend your time when you come up to Aberdeen Harbour. Just some of the best ways to spend your time when you come up here include the following:

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With so much to see in the city, you might forget about Aberdeen Harbour. However, we would recommend that anyone with an interest in history, architecture, culture, the economy, or life at sea comes to check out the harbour itself.

It’s a tremendous little sight to see yourself, and it makes a great place for you to stand and look at. Even if you just want to get a few snaps of the sea and the activity that goes on here, a trip to the Aberdeen Harbour is a day well-spent as you get to see the lifeblood of the city at its bst.

Aberdeen Harbour