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When staying in the Granite City, you will have many options to go and pick up a great bite to eat. However, the challenge with finding Aberdeen restaurants comes from picking from a rather stacked deck!

Croft and Cairns
Christo’s Geek Taverna

Out of all the cities in Scotland, Aberdeen is home to some absolutely amazing food that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want to treat yourself, then, you should check out some of the best restaurants in Aberdeen. However, why not come and take a look at some of the best restaurants in the city?

Next time you are hungry, check out one of these places!

The best Aberdeen restaurants

1.     Croft and Cairns

To start off with, why not head off to Stockethill Crescent and see what is waiting for you in this classic Italian-American bar? It’s a great restaurant for those who fancy something a bit different. The main reason to come here is the great prices, the charming atmosphere, and the fact it doubles as a bar so you can easily spend all-night here and enjoy a wonderful time.

Definitely the kind of place that you should think about trying if you want to see what the fuss is all about – this has become hugely popular with a good reason for foodies in the city.

2.     Christo’s Geek Taverna

If you like Greek and Mediterranean food, then you will find yourself right at home here. Greek food is some of the best to try in Aberdeen as it is mostly built around fish and other seafood. As such, the Granite City makes the perfect place to build a little Greek restaurant, no?

It’s definitely a fine place to come and check out if you want to just enjoy some cuisine that is very seafood-based. We love the food here, and you can easily find this by heading down to John Street for a top-quality eating experience.

3.     Brig O’Don

Of course, if you want to try some vintage Scottish grub then you should definitely come along to the Brig O’Don. This is found on King Street, and offers a tremendously affordalbe British pub scene restaurant. This is a fine choice for anyone on the lookout for a rich range of British cuisine that really packs in the flavour and the taste.

It’s perfect for those who want to get a few drinks, too, whilst trying out some classic Scottish food that is sure to give you a real diverse range to pick from.

4.     The Marcliffe

Another fine place for some Scottish cuisine, The Marcliffe on North Deeside Road is a great place for Scottish foods. From gorgeous Aberdeen Angus steaks to amazing classic soups and more, you can get a whole range of high class foods to pick from in here.

It’s a bit pricey, but most find that the portions and the standard of the food is more than good enough to suit just about any tastebud. It’s a fine place to start for those who want to get the truly classic Scottish experience when it comes to their dinner that evening.

The Marcliffe
Brig O’Don
Nurtaj Indian Restaurant2
Siam Cottage

5.     Siam Cottage

If you like to try out Asian foods then you should come on down to the Siam Cottage on Castle Street. It’s a good choice because it comes with a gorgeous range of Thai foods, and is one of the best vegetarian friendly venues in the city. They use a range of high quality Asian cuisine and can give you access to the kind of Thai meals that you do not typically see on the menu elsewhere.

They make a good choice if you want to enjoy some wining and dining with a client in Aberdeen, for example.

6.     Nurtaj Indian Restaurant

If you like Indian food, then you would be remiss not to come and check out the Nurtaj Indian Restaurant. Rated as among the best restaurants in Aberdeen, this is a fabulous location with a rich, varied menu and a tremendous range of classic and inspired Indian cuisine.

If you want to enjoy some of the best food in the entire city, then we recommend you come here. It’s a great pick thanks to the tremendous prices, the deep menu, and the wonderful service. Head over to Ballater Road and find this must-try Indian classic, then.

7.     Mount Everest

With a wonderful name, Mount Everest lives up to the term as the plates of food you get from here are absolutely stacked. Head over to Woodburn Road and you can find some awesome cuisine waiting for you here. They sell a range of Nepalese and Indian foods, giving you a great range of Asian cuisine to pick from that you might not have tried elsewhere.

They provide tremendous service, have a wonderful and varied menu, and give some of the best service that you are likely to find in any of the various restaurants in Aberdeen.

8.     Maggie’s Grill

If you want something US-based with a real Creole theme, then be sure to check out Maggie’s Grill. They offer everything from gorgeous rib sets to an awesome cooked breakfast. Come down here and you can try out some awesome grilled foods.

Head on over to Holburn Street and you should have no problem at all in finding what you are looking for. They offer a great BBQ-style environment that allows for some truly tasty meals. Pick from gorgeous ribs and salad to amazing cooked meats and more. A great place if you want something a bit more outside-the-box.

Mount Everest
Maggie’s Grill

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The main thing to love about a trip to Aberdeen is that you get to enjoy such a variety in the food that you eat. With so many Aberdeen restaurants to try out, you should definitely look to vary things up while you stay here.

Why? Because there is so much to try out. From classic Scottish fish and chip shops to awesome little restaurants taken from the rich and varied immigrant populace of the city, you can find some amazing places to try out. So, where will you try-out first?

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