Aberdeen City Centre

Thinking of taking a trip to Aberdeen? Then it is likely that you will find yourself in Aberdeen city centre. It’s the ideal place to check out if you want to mingle with the locals, check out various commercial opportunities, and do a bit of shopping. Really, though, it pays to know what to look out for when you come to visit Aberdeen city centre.


Want to make sure you don’t just wander into the same old shops? Then use this simple guide to Aberdeen city centre to ensure you find something that you are truly looking for.

Things to do in Aberdeen city centre

Go for a bite to eat

A great way to spend your time in Aberdeen city centre is to try out some of their various awesome restaurants. We have covered Aberdeen restaurants elsewhere, but we do recommend you make a beeline for one of its many awesome eateries that are listed within the central part of the city.

You can easily find a good variety of bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and restaurants that cover various backgrounds. Aberdeen city centre is home to many restaurants, including Greek and Asian restaurants, so you should have no problem in changing it up a touch. Of course, since you are in the Scottish north, you might want to try out some classic Scottish food. You can do so with ease, with plenty of little places making sure you can find some great opportunities for classic steak meals and more.

The main thing to do when visiting Aberdeen is to make sure you enjoy the amazing food that is so prevalent across the city. Every day, you should try out one of its many awesome restaurants and see for yourself why Aberdeen city centre is such an excellent eating destination

Visit the Aberdeen Art Gallery

Are you a fan of art? Then you should absolutely come and check out the Aberdeen city centre Art Gallery. It’s a really popular place to come and check out for anyone who is one the lookout for a fun place to spend their time in the city. You should more or less notice a total change in the way that you go about your time in the city simply by going and learning about the uniquely artistic history of this city.

Do that, and you can easily make sure you are learning about a city that has a real history when it comes to artistic details. The Aberdeen Art Gallery is home to various local paintings and pieces, as well as guest submissions, so it is always worth checking back every time you find yourself in the Aberdeen city centre area.

It’s a good choice in general for anyone with a love of art, but it also makes a fine choice for anyone with an eye for something a bit more culturally engaging. You will be able to take tours or simply stroll at your leisure, so be sure to check out the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Aberdeen Art Gallery2
Aberdeen Art Gallery
Aberdeen City Centre

Head to Union Street

If you are looking for the commercial hub of Aberdeen, then you should definitely take a trip to the Union Street area. Here, you can find an army of quality restaurants and bars to choose from. It’s also home to some great shops and stores to check out, including Barnardo’s.

If you fancy a quick style-up when in Aberdeen city centre, you should head out to one of the various locations such as the Crown Barber. You can get a quality chop of your hair in there for a great price, helping you to find a look and style that you can be comfortable with.

They also are home to some great pubs and bars that you should look to try out, with various places to spend the day on Union Street. If nothing else, if it is a nice day you could take in the unique nature of he cities architecture and just enjoy time sat outdoors with the locals.

Typically, you should find that Union Street offers the best blend between things to do and see and important social functions like bars and restaurants to choose from in Aberdeen city centre.

Check out some paintball

If you want to enjoy something a bit more physical, then be sure to check out the Bedlamn Paintball Booking Office in Aberdeen city centre. You can book up for an event as a group or own your own and just join a team and take part in a fun day out. It’s a great way to sample a more social experience when in the city, and should make a lot of sense for anyone who wants to enjoy a more physically engaging activity. Definitely something for the thrill-seekers who find themselves in Aberdeen city centre.

See a movie

Via the Vue Cinema, you could go and catch one of the many popular movies which are available at the cinema at your time of visiting. Like any key commerce point, Aberdeen city centre is home to a cinema that offers excellent viewing opportunities. If you don’t want to go for a drink or head out for something to eat, why not spend a day enjoying an interesting and engaging movie on the big screen?

There are many things to do in Aberdeen city centre that keep you outdoors, but a nice afternoon movie could be just what you are looking for!

Bedlamn Paintball Booking Office in Aberdeen city centre
Bedlamn Paintball Booking Office in Aberdeen city centre2

In conclusion

With so much to do and see in Aberdeen city centre you should really look to spend some time building an itinerary. There are many ways to have fun in Aberdeen, and shopping around its busy central part of the city is a good place to start. Typically, this offers an easy way for you to just rest, relax, and have a bit of fun all at once.

Come and take a look at the various opportunities listed above, and you should find that the city centre of Aberdeen makes a great place to shop around overall.

Things To Do In Aberdeen