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Aberdeen Castle

When you come to Aberdeen, you might be shocked to find out that this is a city without a castle. While Aberdeen Castle did exist once upon a time, today it has been replaced with housing


However, if you want to view an Aberdeen Castle, the area of Aberdeenshire has some great choices for you to pick from. This should offer you every opportunity that you need to enjoy yourself, to see some amazing old-school Scottish architecture, and to ensure you never have to miss out on a must-see part of Scottish architectural history.

So, what are the best ways to see an Aberdeen castle?

Finding an Aberdeen castle to see

As mentioned above, Aberdeen Castle used to exist. It was a Middle Ages fortifified position that existed within the city. It was based on the fittingly named Castle Hill, which today is now known as Castlegate. Today, the old castle is gone and it has instead been replaced by flat blocks. While some will lament the loss of an old institution and a part of historical Scottish architecture, it makes sense to make way for new buildings as time goes on.

The castle itself was believed to have been sighted by King Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 1300s. While the castle itself no longer stands, a trip to the Castlegate section of the city makes an easy way to see this grandiose part of the old city used in a new way.

While it would be nice to still have a castle directly within the city as Edinburgh has, it’s a nice way to remind ourselves that history has a way of changing the entire face and future of a city. While long gone, Aberdeen Castle’s previous standing spot is worth seeing.

popular Castle

Dunnottar Castle

Out of all the castles that you might wish to visit up in this part of the world, the excellent Dunnottar Castle is one most worth going out of the way to see. This gorgeous castle is one of the most stunning ruined fortifications that still stands from this era of Scottish history. It is believed to have dated back as far as the 5th Century, when a chapel was first built here, though fortification dates are a mystery.

What stands today tends to go back to the 15th and 16th Centuries, though, and carries that gorgeous medieval style that is so easy to love. It’s a great chance to see a gorgeous castle that offers a fascinating place to visit. It’s definitely one to come and see if you like a bit of a trek, too, as getting to Dunnottar itself can be quite the mission!

If you want to see an Aberdeen castle worth driving for, though, this magnificent block of history is worth making some time to come and visit. It is a decadent piece of history within the area, and it has become a fascinating tourist hotspot for numerous reasons.

Under the facade of Fyvie Castle. Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Britain, August 2017

Popullar castle

Fyvie Castle

If you want to see another classic Aberdeenshire castle, then be sure to take a trip to Fyvie Castle. This gorgeous building still stands today and is located in the village of Fyvie which is based near Turriff. It’s a medium-distance drive from the city, but definitely worth your time if you want to see Aberdeen from a whole new kind of perspective.

It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants to see what a 13th Century castle looks like today. However, come claim it was built as early as 1211, by William the Lion no less. It’s a gorgeous facility, and was eventually used as a residence for Charles I when he was a child. It was also commonly used in battle, such as the famous Battle of Otterburn. If you like a bit of fantasy, too, then you might love the idea that this has become a haunted facility.

Many claim that the building itself is haunted, and that the skeleton of a female was found in the 1920s within the walls. It’s a mysterious location to come and visit, and definitely makes a great trip for those with a passion for stunning, old-school castle architecture.

popular Castle

Crathes Castle

Though by no means as grandiose as the above two, Crathes Castle is a popular Aberdeenshire castle that you should definitely visit. It’s near the town of Banchory and should definitely be worth your time heading out to find. The 16th Century castle stands out for its immense beauty, and the fact it was constructed by the Burnetts of Leys, who still own it today, is quite an interesting wee fact.

The castle itself is a special building, raising from a timber fortress in the 14th Century to a gorgeous fortified position by 1553. It was finished in 1596 and to this day still stands as a major part of the architecture within the region. It’s an open public castle and provides you with a series of gorgeous portraits and other opulent hangings that reside within the various interior sections of the castle that the public can come to see.

If you like your castles to come with a more defined style and without so many ruins, then you should love this castle. Given it is still in ownership of the family name that built the castle, it is in better condition than many other Aberdeenshire castles are at present.


In Conclusion

As you can see, then, there are quite a few castles within a short distance of the city itself. Through a tour guide or a self-driving experience, you could go out and visit an Aberdeen castle and see it for yourself. Of course, you could even go to the part of the city where the original Aberdeen Castle stood and get some photos. It’s a nice way to see a bit of history that has been utterly transformed.

Either way, you should now see why going to visit an Aberdeen castle is a must-try activity!

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